Comment/email (40). By Hajime Fujiwara 2022/02/25

Dear My readers

As a bolt from the blue, the Russian invasion of the Ukraine has brought about a sudden change in the international situation, and the Japanese people, who were coasting along, have had cold water poured on their heads and awakened from their delusion, then the lessons of history will be of great help to them. This is because the man who played the role of President. The result of this farce is that a comedian who gained popularity on TV and has nothing to do with politics has been elected president, and the country is in the process of becoming a pariah.

A man who is a failed comedian, who is incompetent in the political arena, and who has no conception of what he is going to do when he becomes president because of his popularity, is easy for the US to deal with, and is a perfect puppet for the Ukrainians, who were clueless and ignorant. If only they could ride the wave of populism and be euphoric about their popularity. It would be similar to the residents of Osaka giving their full support to the crooks of the Restoration Movement, blinded by their immediate interests…. You will make a terrible mistake.

Zelensky, who was appointed president of Ukraine solely on the basis of popularity, is a crook who has united former Osaka Mayor Hashimoto, current Osaka Mayor Matsui, who is a protege of Ryoichi Sasakawa, and current Osaka Governor Yoshimura Hirofumi. Due to the three idiot generals of Osaka, Osaka’s medical care has collapsed to the worst in Japan, and the number of patients dying from corona infections has reached a record overwhelmingly high, but due to the bullshit politics of the Restoration, Osaka is a living hell in Japan.

But Osaka is a sister city of Kiev, and Putin is well aware of the fact that Zelensky is incompetent, and Putin, a KGB veteran, is not so naive as to be fooled by the empty threats of a mere mouthpiece. Moreover, Zelensky’s patron is Kolomoisky, who became an olgarch (conglomerate) as a financier of the TV network, and this Jewish duo was under the remote control of outside forces.

To understand this, it is necessary to go back to the meaning of the scandal that occurred, especially when Biden, as Vice President, visited Ukraine three times in 2014 alone, accompanied by his second son, Hunter. During these visits, Hunter was appointed to the board of directors of the “Brisma” gas company and was paid a salary of $50,000 a month, which made the front page of the “NY Post” and became a huge scoop.

I have lived as an oilman and am familiar with the oil industry, but I have never heard of any foolishness, no matter how much the son of a vice president, being hired by a natural gas company as an executive with a salary of $50,000 a month, even though he is a painter. I have a pretty good idea that this black market deal was a bypass route for the billions of dollars in economic aid provided during the Vice President’s visit to Kiev, and that the Attorney General was removed from office while the corruption was being exposed.

Moreover, Vice President Biden promised the Ukrainian government anti-tank missiles, which Obama hastily refused to implement, but Biden, now president, has done it again. Furthermore, Biden has made NATO membership an explicit goal of the Ukrainian Constitution, and Biden has even played the role of messenger for the military-industrial complex, playing the role of merchant of death in the war effort.

A large print headline on the front page of the NY Post a year later, titled “Biden’s Secret Emails,” came from a computer record that Hunter had sent in for repair. The memory records were the subject of a firestorm because they were filled with indecent photos of celebrities, a well-known part of the Epstein affair, and the Jewish media did its best to cover it up.

The email was addressed to Hunter and sent by Pozalski, an advisor at Brisma, the gas company, and contained the following message, which clearly implicates Vice President Biden

Dear Hunter, Thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spend some time together. It ‘s a realty an honor and pleasure. As we spoke yesterday evening, would be great to meet today for quick coffee. What do you think? I could come to your office somewhere around noon or so before on my way to the airport. Best.  V. iPhone. 」

This incident involving Biden ended up in a mess, and things have moved on amidst the panic of the Corona disaster, but to understand the true nature of the situation, we must go back to 30 years ago, when the Cold War system collapsed with the dismantling of the Soviet Union. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, Eastern European countries left the Warsaw Pact, and the end of the Soviet system, when countries within the former Soviet Union became independent, state-owned enterprises and resources were looted, and a number of olgarhi (thieving conglomerates) emerged.

In Russia and Ukraine, the orgarchs were conspicuous for their underground activities, and the nations were looted by thieves, but it was Putin who smashed them, and Russia barely survived, its economic power dropped to a quarter of what it was, but it somehow managed to maintain its great power face. But the Ukrainian olgarchs, with their strong neo-Nazi connection and ties to the dark forces of the Vatican, were influenced by George Soros. They played the role of a front for the looting of Russian resources.

The Ukrainian Olgarchs, with their private army, the Azov Battalion, in a joint operation with the Ukrainian army, massacred the Russians in Odessa and then in the eastern Donbass region, so a militia grew out of the vigilante group. These militias raised independence, Donetsk and Lugansk declared republics and asked for help, and Russia supported them, which caused the invasion of the Russian army and the flow of joint exercises to the capital, Kiev.

But it was unclear whether the aim was to overrun the capital and overthrow the government, or to suppress the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and prevent a nuclear explosion, before cries of anti-war rose as international public opinion was painted in the color of Russian sanctions. The Jewish media made a tragic story out of the war refugees, so the causes of the conflict were hidden and the Putin-bad guy theory took hold, fueled by emotionalism.

However, from a global historical perspective, the most important issue was that the powers’ expansionist policies had an immense impact on the insecurity and fear of the Russian people in terms of Russia’s security. The Russian Empire, which was trying to succeed the Byzantine Empire as the dominant power on the Eurasian continent, had a history of being targeted by Western royalty and aristocracy, and this, along with a strong sense of victimization, instilled a deep-seated sense of inferiority.

Napoleon’s invasion, as depicted in “War and Peace”, set Moscow ablaze, and during the Crimean War, Britain, France, and Turkey, along with Sardinia, suppressed Russia’s southward expansion into the Mediterranean. In World War I, the Russian Empire collapsed after a disastrous military defeat and revolution on the Eastern Front, and the Soviet Union became the communist Soviet Union.

Moreover, due to the postwar Cold War structure, NATO contained the Soviet Union, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the U.S. government, in partnership with the neocons, joined forces with British financial groupes to loot the newly born Russia for the benefit of the military-industrial complex. This was the plunder of Russia’s national wealth using the Olgarchs, and NATO’s expansion to the east as the tool, and the use of this military alliance as leverage to tighten the noose on Russia, which made even dictator Putin tremble.

Russia wants a buffer zone for its security, but if even its brother country, Ukraine, plays the role of a stooge for Britain and the U.S. and comes under NATO’s influence, Putin will not be able to sleep easy. This is the same historical sense that Japan shared prior to the Russo-Japanese War, when it was frightened of Russia’s advance into Manchuria and was aware of the danger of its own destruction.

At the 30 years ago, from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the present, the world’s nominal GDP has grown 2,6 times, Japan was zero growth, so it still ranks third in the world, but Russia has been reduced to 1/3, ranking 11th in the world, below South Korea. However, in terms of per capita figures, Japan will be ranked 24th in the world in 2020, while Russia will be in 66th place, and since Japan has since been overtaken by Taiwan and South Korea, it is now ranked about 50th.

I can clearly see Putin’s astonishment when he learned that Russia’s GDP is 10% of China’s nominal GDP, but it may be impossible to tell that to the Japanese who are used to poverty and insensitive. The Japanese people, living in an environment of lies and deceit, have become so accustomed to a policy of stupidity that they have lost the ability to think and are brainwashed into slavery, and it is useless to tell them the truth, and the zombies will continue to do whatever they want.

The plague that pushed Russia and Japan down and made them miserable are two Jewish Americans, Kissinger and Brzezinski, whose names are known to all but a few who know who they really are. Professor Emeritus Kaoru Endo of Tsukuba University, who is well versed in Chinese affairs, wrote the following interesting remarks in his book “Xi Jinping vs. Trump” as a reminder to the Japanese people to take heart. If Kissinger privatizes the U.S. and Japan follows the U.S. because of the Japan-U.S. alliance, then Japan will also be privatized by Kissinger. Kissinger hates Japan. We must not overlook that pitfall. …”

The real culprit behind the terrible disaster for Japan’s fate is Joerg Soros, who, along with Kissinger and Brzezinski, belongs to the Ashkenazi triumvirate, and is the real culprit behind the devouring of Japan. The Jews, an oppressed people, endured hardship to survive, and once they saw an opening and took the side of power, they became the right hands and feet of a violent tyrant and ravaged the country as plunderers.

The “Old Testament” and the “Tamrud” are the “open sesame” of this case study, and they are the lessons of history, but people tend not to read through them, but only have a passing knowledge and think that they understand. The three traitorous politicians, Nakasone, Koizumi Junichiro, and Takenaka Heizo, served as their counterparts with the ability of a monkey’s wits, and these traitors brought Japan down with Russia.